david choe is my hero.

This is it. I finished this painting in 4 hours with barely visible sketch underneath and a great photo reference (진수야 고맙!). So I bought the May issue of Juxtapoz because of the special feature of my man dchoe (it also came with his poster ^-^). As I flipped through the pages, my emotions went wild.

After that, this is what happened.

Since this was a personal piece and spring semester had just ended, I kept the strokes loose and flowy. I didn't pay attention to too much detail because I wanted to keep it somewhat abstract. My figure utilization teacher would've appreciated this more than all the pieces I pulled outta my butthole combined. Oops!

My hero knocked some sense into my head.
Bringing back my culture.
Bringing back my culture.
Bringing back my culture
Thanks ma man!


  1. hey!! this is awesome!!
    i never had one like this except xanga! hahaha
    i love it!!