Birds Got to Leave the Nest

This is one of the paintings I had so much fun with. As soon as I grew a bit wary of it I dropped my brushes. More importantly, I finally got an epson scanner! CHYEAAAAAA! Cheers to my new favorite gadget. 



I haven't been able to update since every time I need to scan something I gotta run to kinko's. But, here is a big update. I've been working on these two posters (both music-related) and my paintings are CRISPPPP. I love my glasses. They save time and energy. It's funny to how I make posters because it wasn't my thing but I guess things don't go the way you expect it to. It's 11pm on a Saturday night...how sad.



This project is based off the word "wireless". I wanted to stay away from literal means and lean towards surrealism. I still have to go back in and tweak a few things. Also, this is the first time using mixed media. The color palette and the technique was inspired from Sterling Hundley. Enjoy!


I'm a creep.

sketch & finish for the Halloween poster. Loved every minute of it :)



This children's book illustration was inspired from the song Robot by Seotaiji. Basically he's in a dark place as he calls it pain., and reminisces way back when his mom used to measure his height but she's not there anymore and feels as if the world stopped moving ever since. It's pretty depressing but it has its happy moments.


Plans by Death Cab for Cutie

I chose to design a music CD cover for one of my favorite bands. The Plans original cover was ugly compared to the other covers so this was a perfect opportunity for me to make a better design that suits their music. I had a lot of fun painting the dude and the telephone booth but the clouds were my biggest challenge. I had references but making soft textures were unfamiliar to me. At the end it all worked out. Thank the lawd!
Just to make things a bit more clear if you don't know what's going on yet, my cover is suppose to narrate a story. Basically, the small dude and the girl (yes, she's a girl) had just ended their relationship. To explain it in a surrealistic way, the girl's tears are creating the rain. Yep.


david choe is my hero.

This is it. I finished this painting in 4 hours with barely visible sketch underneath and a great photo reference (진수야 고맙!). So I bought the May issue of Juxtapoz because of the special feature of my man dchoe (it also came with his poster ^-^). As I flipped through the pages, my emotions went wild.

After that, this is what happened.

Since this was a personal piece and spring semester had just ended, I kept the strokes loose and flowy. I didn't pay attention to too much detail because I wanted to keep it somewhat abstract. My figure utilization teacher would've appreciated this more than all the pieces I pulled outta my butthole combined. Oops!

My hero knocked some sense into my head.
Bringing back my culture.
Bringing back my culture.
Bringing back my culture
Thanks ma man!